Ferric Heroes

Agador's Private Diary

Day One

My new mission commenced uneventfully and from there things went downhill. In order to maintain my cover I booked passage on the most lowly of sea craft imaginable. The stench was almost beyond comprehension. I tried to maintain as much dignity as I could under the circumstances. Wishing to be alone and meditate and close my mind off from the horrible reality that surrounded me, I found a dark corner of the hold and sat down to prepare myself to endure the next 5 hours. Normally I can find my inner place and successfully shut down, however today was not to be the case. These two humans came right up into my space and rudely proceeded to interrupt my calm. They just would not be quiet!! Oh, for the love of Scyrah they just kept complaining and whining and yacking and yacking! Then they noticed me and would not leave me alone, pestering me with endless stupid questions! Oh how I longed to put an arrow through their throats.

Well, I finally realized that peace would not be had this day so I listened to their inane stories and offered up bits of my cover story. One of the two purports to be a gun mage and have spent some time with pirates. He is young and green and inexperienced but eager and bright enough for a human. The second fellow was older and more thoughtful. He is a mechanic of sorts and claims to be a rifleman also. He keeps talking about his steamjack but I think he is making up stories.

We finally reached our destination and the rest of the passengers stampeded off the vessel like rats fleeing a fire. My two companions and I held back and were the last to go above deck. While we were preparing to leave we were approached by several of the unsavory deck hands who were in the process of torturing a prisoner. When we refused to join them in their nefarious affair, they shot me! My two companions tried to fight back but it was left up to me, wounds and all, to jump up onto the roof of the pilot house and save the young lad.

We quickly left the stinking boat and I thought that leaving a trail of dead bodies was no way to maintain cover. But we had to push on. Finding a rare jewel and given mysterious instructions added an intriguing element to the event. On our way down the wharf we came upon a young Gobber girl, stuck in the sand and being harassed by two hooligans. My two companions, having not learned to mind their own business, proceeded to scare them off and went to help the young thing out of the sand. So wouldn’t you know it, they were attacked by 3 jet crabs! Oh Goddess, here we go again!! After being sprayed in the face by the creatures, the young gun mage tried to cut them down with his cutlass. He’ll have to do better than that poor attempt! Once again it was left up to me to save them and put all 3 of the creatures down with my arrows. I don’t know what the field mechanic was doing – maybe he was thinking about his lovely steamjack. I saw that the youngster needed some of my immediate medical aid and I lessened the impact of the strong acid on his face although he will have some scarring and redness.

You know, I am having second thoughts about continuing my association with these two. On the other hand, it just might help with my cover to be part of a small group. Anyway, being hungry and thirsty we decided to head toward a local tavern for some free beer. Before we even got there we witnessed a mob attacking a Gobber who had been attempting to drum up business for the establishment. This time we let things take their own course and avoided the mob. Arriving in the tavern we learned the reason for the mob’s anger and indeed were angered ourselves by the lack of good customer service. So we left there in search of a place to rest and finally obtain some refreshment. As we were doing so, the questionable joint went up in flames. I thought, are we going to be blamed for setting fire to the place?


While interesting, I’m not sure if this diary is canonical to what happened.

Agador's Private Diary

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