Ferric Heroes

Campaign Journal #2

The Journal of Kieron Zoa
Glaceus the 2nd, 608 A.R.
The next day the three of us, and Saffera, traveled to the Thom & Tarry. The building looked new, but I wasn’t happy with the quality of the staff. A gobber fellow, named Hemlock, gave us the run around about the different levels of management and told us that the owners were out. Eventually, we were able to see Teegle, a dwarf in middle management apparently, continued to disappoint me particularly. It was over two decades since I have seen my parents—both of whom I was unsure if I wanted to see again after they abandoned me to live with Aunt Mattie—and the original hope to see them was diminished. Instead, Teegle made evident his ogrun guards, Broc and Roc, and we decided to leave with only the possibility that Thom and Tarry would return in a few days. At least we managed to be successful in getting Saffera a job there.

We needed a placed to stay and eat so we found the Bull & Frog. We made arrangements to stay there for one night and ordered an early dinner. A butler named Greeves was announced with a gong and then presented Dallia Darrington, heir to Darrington Manor and Darrington Abbey, widow to the inventor Nikoli Darrington; plus a former opera star. Her fineries were well out of fashion and general repair as if her and her butler refused, or couldn’t afford, to change with the times as the world aged around them. She asked if there were any brave men or women and the crowd in the tavern remained quiet. She was about to leave, when I raised my hand. I expected that Dmitri or the accurate Agador would do so first though.

Dallia offered us a job and told us to report to Darrington Manor in the morning. –Kieron Zoa

The Journal of Kieron Zoa
Glaceus the 3rd, 608 A.R.
Darrington Manor was the building equivalent to Dallia herself. It was rundown and in terrible disrepair. It must have looked extravagant in decades past, but that was likely before I was born. I regretted my decision to help her because I imagined what little compensation the widow could offer. Still, it was better than idly waiting around the Thom & Tarry for the said people to reveal themselves. Greeves escorted us to the study were Lady Dallia and Father Rosebud, a clergyman of Morrow, said that they wished us to cleanse the manor’s abbey so that worshipers can attend services there once again.

The process, which Father Rosebud explained, involved a cleansing ritual while the three of us waited around with Morrow-blessed weapons for shades to appear. He strained the point that the shades couldn’t hurt us, but they had a terrifying effect on the weak-willed. I took the blessed mace and it burned my hand thanks to my own beliefs. Shades appeared in the abbey’s graveyard before long, their ectoplasm clouds surrounding us. The first few shades went down easily, but then a group of nine showed up. Two pairs of them went to two different of the abbey’s buildings. Between the burning and the pirate in me being very superstitious, I was terrified of these ghosts. Father Rosebud’s resolve faltered when he realized that the shades were trying to release two specters upon us. We fled on Rosebud’s advice fearing that we wouldn’t get another chance to.

Rosebud stopped us before we could flee too far. He admitted then that we had been duped because shades have no real effect on the mortal world and only made us think they could open doors. He wished for our help to finish cleansing the graveyard for Morrow. I scoffed under my breath, but because I volunteered us for this, I agreed to continue. We some renewed vigor, the shades were finished handily. Greeves came and said that Lady Dallia was pleased with our efforts and that we could settle at the carriage house and await lunch.

We entered the run-down carriage house and saw a covered wagon, piles of coal and a workspace that must have belonged to Nikoli Darrington. Further inside, there were conveniently three separate rooms that Agador was pleased to have. However, the elf was not pleased at their current state. I was further investigating the workspace when Dmitri fell through the floorboards around the hayloft. He didn’t fall all the way through because he accidentally discovered a steamjack, of laborjack size. A bell on a wire tolled signaling for lunch.

Dmitri, caught up in his discovery, wanted to remain at the carriage house, so Agador and I went to the main house for a plowman’s lunch. During the meal, Dallia said we could have the laborjack if we could get the thing working again. She explained how it belonged to her husband and it was unique in its capabilities and functions. We returned to the carriage house with a plate for Dmitri and informed him on what Dallia had said. The steamjack was in a rough state of disrepair, so we scoured the area for tools and parts. We found some once we pulled pack the coverings on the wagon, along with barrels of blasting powder. Also, I informed Dmitri about the workspace that should contain notes from the jack’s previous owner.

Agador and I left Dmitri to tinker so we could deliver a message to Saffera where we were and that we still expected to see the owners of the Thom & Tarry whenever said individuals returned. As night drew in, I found it difficult to sleep, but wished for it to come. –Kieron Zoa



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