Ferric Heroes

Campaign Journal #3

The Journal of Kieron Zoa
Glaceus the 4th, 608 A.R.

There was still no further word from the Thom & Tarry, but we found out that the restaurant is only named after my parents…and not the name of the owners. Why I bother to chronicle this day’s events is beyond me…

I started to wonder if the name of the tavern was just a coincidence and not some connection to my past. The whole reason I was left with my aunt was because my parents were killed. I’m starting to miss my pirate crew and I’m sure they’d welcome me back with open arms, especially with my gun mage talents, but I’d be fighting just to survive. On shore I’d at least have the opportunity to gain some real profit that I could put towards something. What that something could be I am unsure of. Perhaps I still have a chance to join an official mercenary charter with those with less ulterior motives or less inclined to rant about how they wished to return to their homeland. I merely keep my religion to myself, but it’s not like I’m a necromancer. I just wish to maintain the path that ensures my own successes. –Kieron Zoa

The Journal of Kieron Zoa
Glaceus the 5th, 608 A.R.

Dmitri felt confident enough to power up the automaton so we decided to return to the infamous tavern, infamous in my mind by this point, with the jack in tow. Upper management was finally in, but Hemlock told us the jack wasn’t to be allowed in. Once again, Agador and I went inside alone while Dmitri waited. He told us that if he didn’t hear back from us in ten minutes, then he would go in with the jack anyway. We went down what appeared to be a set of concealed spiraled stone staircase to the basement. There a trollkin sat behind the desk and was referred to as Seneschal, which meant to me that there was someone higher up then him. He wore an embroidered headband and asked why we wished to see him. I gave him the bloodstained headband I found on the dying man aboard the Sullen Wench and the trollkin said it belonged to Orlando. He then removed the headband and revealed the blue scarab imbedded in his right temple. He wanted to know if we had Orlando’s scarab, but Dmitri, who still had the gem on him, refused. Then the trollkin revealed that he belonged to Company of the Blue Scarab and that Thom and Tarry were his companions. Also that he knew me as a young child and played with me whenever he visited my parents.

My initial thought was to wonder why I wasn’t left with a former adventurer instead of my Aunt Mattie. The trollkin, who I vaguely remembered as Uncle Croggus, retrieved a case from behind his desk. He opened it to reveal additional blue scarabs and there were spots for many more of the gems. Croggus pointed out the pair of scarabs that belonged to my parents, but didn’t reveal how they met their demise. Nor how he managed to find their bodies and pry the gems from their heads. He offered to give us three-hundred gold crowns for Orlando’s scarab or to take assignments and learn more about the Company and the mystery behind the scarabs. Begrudgingly, Dmitri handed over the scarab to Croggus with the promise that we could join the Company if we proved ourselves.

Our first assignment was to go aid Father Templeton at a Morrow Cathedral. It was a job we had passed up before and almost humorous that Croggus wished for us to pursue it now. We agreed to take up the job and went to the cathedral. We found out from Templeton that the job paid twenty-five gold crowns a night for each of us to guard their graveyard from robbers. We took to the graveyard and established elevated positions on some mausoleums to conceal ourselves if and when any grave-robbers appeared. Dmitri brought his jack with us again and having four guards was far better for our chances than three. I passed the time by crafting some more of my unique brand of ammunition.

Around midnight, five thug-looking men showed up with a female trollkin that was their apparent leader. She began shouting orders to dig and Dmitri ordered his jack to move towards the thugs. The trollkin ordered her men to incapacitate the jack so they could take that too. It was then Agador launched two arrows at her before she knew what was happening. A resolute troll, she recovered and shot up at the elf with her scattergun. The thugs got off a few shots, but my idea of taking the high-ground served to protect us. I then loaded up a deadly trio of spells and shot the trollkin too. She was knocked down and several feet backward. I thought her incapacitated, but she still seemed conscious. Dmitri’s rifle cracked to my left and he felled one of the thugs. He cocked his hammer again and did the same to a second. His jack fired a harpoon at a different thug and the thug was reeled in close enough for the jack to pummel the man into unconsciousness. Agador finally put the trollkin down for good. The remaining two thugs ran away, thus we earned our pay for that night. –Kieron Zoa



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