Ferric Heroes

Sesssion 1: Free Beer

Glaceus the 1st, 608 AR


Your characters are crammed together with fifty or so passengers on a barge heading to the port city of Five Fingers in the Kingdom of Ord. The barge, the “Sullen Wench”, is commanded by an Ogrun captain with a reputation for brutality toward crew and passengers alike. It was the cheapest transportation available to Five Fingers, and because your character is currently a bit down on his luck and low on gold coins, you couldn’t afford to splurge on something better. All passengers are shoved into a chain-linked cargo hold below decks. The deck hands padlock the passenger compartment (more like a big cage with no seats, so you are forced to sit on cold metal flooring.) One of them yells out to the passengers, “All you filthy rabble shut up and be still until our little voyage is over and no one gets hurt, eh?!” It stinks pretty badly in the cargo hold and the odor worsens during the voyage after a few of the passengers toss their cookies. No food or drink was offered on the five hour journey, and with no access to a restroom, you are all doing your best to delay your badly needed bathroom breaks until you can get off this miserable barge. It is by far the worst voyage you have ever endured, causing each of you to quietly ponder the new low you’ve reached in life.

The three of you are huddled in a back corner of the passenger cage. Endeavoring to whittle the hours away, you engage in conversation. Each one of you has had a chance to reveal something about yourself to the other two characters.


That’s a great start!!

Sesssion 1: Free Beer

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