Iosan Ranger & Explorer


Defining Characteristics: Masculine gay usually has long blonde hair worn in ponytail. Iosan males often change their hair color. Has green eyes, nice tan.

Archetype: Skilled

Race: Iosan

Careers: Ranger/Explorer

Faith: Scyrah

Level: Hero



Ranged Weapons: Bow (Archery) 7

Melee Weapons: Dagger 6, Sword 5

Occupational Skills: Medicine 5, Navigation 5, Sneak 5, Survival 6, Tracking 5

General Skills: Detection 6

Benefits: Virtuoso in Archery – When making a non-AOE attack, gain one die to attack AND damage and discard low die.


  1. Camouflage – Gain +2 DEF when benefiting from concealment (total +4)or cover (total +6).
  2. Pathfinder – Move over rough terrain without penalty.
  3. Big Game Hunter – With melee or ranged attack against a natural animal or native beast, gain bonus on attack rolls equal to Survival skill.
  4. Language (Any) – Can be taken several times. Each time, learns speak, read & write new language.
    Current Known Languages – Shyr (Native), Cygnaron, Ordic.
  5. Port of Call – Always find my way home using Navigations skill. See pages 165 & 186.
  6. Fast Reload – Gain one extra Quick Action each turn that can only be used to reload a ranged weapon.

Armor: Light Leather Coat & Boots

Gear: 7 Days Dry Rations, Bow, Quiver, 50 Arrows, 1 Grappling Arrow, Compass, Flint Striker, Lantern, Map local terrain & map case, Surgical Kit, 157 GC


HAS A WEALTHY PATRON who sends me 25GC each month!!

Former Iosan Military, Former Intelligence Officer, Member of The Seekers (no, not the singing group), Has lots of friends in “High Places”.


Agador (who just celebrated his 60th birthday) was raised by his two fathers, Agapanthus & Sprig and grew up listening to stories of their adventures in other lands. His father Agapanthus was a member of the Company of the Black Wagon for over two years and that was one of his best and most often told stories. Agador never tired of listening to their adventures.

Agador is a descendent of one of the Hallytyr (high house). Agador, like his fathers before him, loves nature, science and the environment. While growing up he learned how to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. For a while he worked part time after school in a flower shop. But mostly he just loved being outdoors working in the family gardens.

Agador believes in the inherent goodness of all creatures and respects the right of all animals to be treated with dignity and compassion. He makes no judgment on those that prefer to eat innocent flesh, but his own beliefs have led him to live a mostly vegetarian lifestyle.

After leaving home at the tender age of 30, he spent several years studying at the Iosan Military Academy. While there he became proficient in the use of ranged weapons, mostly archery and rifles. It was also at the Academy where he ultimately earned a commission as an Intelligence Officer. Agador spent many years at different posts around the known world. Eventually he was honored with a high-level position in the Iosan Intelligence Service. It was during this time that he learned about something that was not taught in school.

Evidently there is a large segment of the Iosan population that believe humans have stolen magic and murdered their gods. Agador was shocked to learn of this theory and in an effort to learn the truth, infiltrated one group called the Retribution of Scyrah. (Scyrah, the goddess of Spring, is one of only two surviving gods from the time of the destruction of the Bridge.)

Without going into too many details, Agador found out that this group is a fringe cult and indeed hunts and “dispatches” human mages!! With his life in danger, Agador was extricated from this group. Shortly thereafter he left the Service and now volunteers with The Seekers – a group who are actively pursuing evidence of The Vanished. Additionally, Agador’s personal mission and sworn solemn oath is to help stop his race from dying and secondly to assist in waking Scyrah from her fitful slumber and bringing her and the other gods back to this world.

Favorite Quote: “Ah, but there’s no point in my putting shoes on. I never wear shoes because they make me fall down.”


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