Dmitri Rostof

Khadoran Army deserter


Defining Characteristics Tall with a mustache, 200 lbs, 6’5"

Archetype: Intellectual

Race: Human

Careers: Rifleman/Field Mechanic

Faith: Menite

Level: Hero


PHY 5, SPD 6, STR 4+1, Agi 4, PWR, 4, POI 4+1, INT 3+1, ARC -, PER 3, Willpower 8

Ranged weapons: Repeating Long Rifle, 10 rounds

Melee Weapons: Sword, Jack Wrench

Additional Weapon: Grenade, explosive

Skills: Rifle skill level 2

Benefits and abilities

Gunsmithing, 4
General Skills 4
Survival 3
Command 3
Craft 3
Mech Eng 4
Negotiations 3

Jack Marshall
Hit the Deck

Dual Shot

Armor: Armored Greatcoat

FEAT: Flawless Timing

Ammo Bandoleer, Extra Ammo Wheel, 5 Light Rounds in addition to the 5 that come with the gun.

Khadoran Mechanics Assembly
Khadoran Army



Dmitri Rostov volunteered for the Khadoran army during it’s invasion of Llael and spent 10 years as a field mechanic marshaling and keeping warjacks operating during combat while the army brutally suppressed the local population and rooted out insurgents. He got tired of his warjacks being destroyed in battle simply because nobody bothered to protect them, so he started a second career as a sniper simply to pick off anyone who dared try and destroy his warjacks. During one battle, a commanding officer ordered Dmitri to send his warjack to certain doom simply as a delaying tactic. When Dmitri refused, the officer raised his arm to strike him for his insolence but the warjack intervened and squashed him flat before Dmitri could call him off. Other squads nearby immediately started attacking the warjack. Dmitri, knowing that he would be marked as a traitor, ordered the warjack to hold his ground and fight to the death while he made his escape and fled south to neighboring Ord. Branded a traitor and deserter, Dmitri hires out his military skills as a jack mechanic and sniper, still loyal to Khador, which he knows is superior to all other countries, and wanting to someday return to his motherland if he can earn enough mercenary loot to pay for a new identity and a way back home.

Dmitri Rostof

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