Kieron Zoa

An atypical gun mage with a pirate upbringing.


Physique: 5
Speed: 6
Agility: 4
Prowess: 4
Poise: 4
Intellect: 4
Arcane: 4
Perception: 4

Weapons: Magelock Pistol & Cutlass
Armor: Custom Battle Armor
Skills: Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 2 / Climbing 1, Detection 1, Intimidation 2, Sailing 1, Swimming 1

- Craft Rune Shot – [1gc/round or 5gc for 5 rounds per hour.] Instead of paying 5gc for each metal cartridge of rune shot ammo, this allows one to craft own rounds. 1gc/round for the powder, material, and metal casing. Character must inscribe bullet by hand and takes an hour to craft 5.
- Fast Reload – Character gains one extra quick action each turn that can only be used to reload a ranged weapon. p.161
- Gang – When making a melee attack that targets an enemy in melee range of another friendly character, this character gains +1 to melee attack and melee damage rolls. When making a melee attack near a friendly character with this skill, these bonuses increase to +2. p.163
- Specialization (Cutlass) – This character doesn’t suffer weapon attack modifier penalties when attacking with a weapon of the type chosen. A character can have this ability several times, each time choosing a different weapon. p.167
- Steady – This character cannot be knocked down. The character loses this ability while he is mounted.
- Warding Circle – The character can spend 15 minutes to create a circle of warding runes around a small rune or campsite. The names of the characters he intends to keep safe within the circle are incorporated into the runes. When any other character enters the circle, all named characters are alerted. While in the circle, non-named characters lose incorporeal, and non-named undead & infernal characters suffer -2 on attack rolls. p.115

Spells: (Rune Shots p. 242-244)
- Rune Shot: Accuracy (1)– Next rune shot ranged attack roll this turn is boosted.
- Rune Shot: Brutal (1)– Next rune shot ranged attack gains a boosted ranged attack damage roll against the target directly hit.
- Rune Shot: Thunderbolt (1)– If caster directly hits a target with his next rune shot ranged attack this turn, the target is pushed d3” directly away from caster. On a critical hit, the target is knocked down after being pushed.


This Caspian is primarily a gun mage, but also has pirate leanings. Kieron has short black hair and brown-green hazel eyes, but they are often shielded from view because of the hat he keeps low over his face. Tanned skin from his years at sea sometimes makes people think he is a Tordoran. His other distinctive feature on his face is his black beard. Not exceptionally tall, he makes an effort to maintain his body’s strong fighting physique. Generally a reserved man, liquor loosens him up.

Starting off an orphan, he found himself in service as a cabin boy on a Cygnaran trading vessel. It was there that Kieron found himself in the company of Tordoran pirates who took the vessel over. Their ship was named the “Zoa” and he adopted it as his last name as he was previously without. Once he reached adulthood, he wanted to find a more honest way to earn a living and some time away from his pirate family. After two years of nearly homeless struggle, he was accepted into the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest in Cygnar to become a will weaving gun mage. He trained with them for ten years and spent two serving in the military, but due to his years spent with pirates, Kieron considers himself a worshiper of Thamar—much to the disdain of his Morrow-loving peers. He believes the goddess to be the champion of outcasts like the orphan he was and because of his pirate background.

When his superiors found out who Kieron prayed to, they conspired to have him released from the military. Without a proper career and left coin-less, he had little choice but to become a freelance gun-for-hire and is in search of his next contract. He is torn between doing what’s right and making a profit in situations.

Kieron Zoa

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